The Beliefs of The Progressive Baptist Church

Everything that God created has a divine purpose. There is a providential reason why God made everything and everybody. And God expects fulfillment and accomplishment of HIS purpose. God put the Church into operation to carry out His divine will and purpose. God has one main objective for the universal church and that is winning souls for the Kingdom of God. He accomplishes this through many different methods.

All the information the Church needs on how to function is in the Word. God will endorse the Church only when she reflects what her divine directions call for. The Church doesn’t have to consult anyone in society wondering what to do next, if she stays focused on the Word. The Church does not have to redefine her purpose or her agenda. All she has to do is stay Word-Centered.

One of the most important strengths of any Church is the ability of being able to work together in brotherly love. If we are to reflect desire and be Word-Centered, we will know that God commands us to love one another. Jesus also encourages us to be one in this spiritual family. We must realize that the Scriptures teach us that our relationship with our Christian brothers and sisters is really what identifies us to the world. Only when we cooperate with the church can we do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST!

God inhabits the praises of His people. Regardless of how you feel about it, praise belongs in the church. The psalmist in Psalm 150 admonishes, Praise ye the Lord, Praise God IN His SANCTUARY… If there is any place that praise belongs it is in the church. The people of God should never cease from praising the name of the Lord, especially in the worship experience. We come to church to praise and worship our God. The early church tapped into the benefit and power of praise. We should follow their example. When the Holy Spirit dictates praise, be encouraged because your praise is to God, just let your praise reign.

When we follow the steps of the early church we will find God adding to the church. It is not us that’s making our church grow, it is the power of God. God commands His church to reproduce other Christians. In the GREAT COMMISSION, He tells us to make disciples of all men. He wants every church to be a soul- winning church. A crowd doesn’t automatically suggest that, we must count the souls. Soul-winning is bringing individuals into the knowledge of Jesus Christ and creating an environment for real spiritual growth. We are responsible for recruiting souls for the Kingdom of God. Help us to continue to be a soul-winning church. A soul is the most precious thing in God’s sight and He has given the Church the commission to go and get these souls before it’s too late.